Hydradermie + Hydralift (5 Session ) $280
Approx 2hrs 30mins
Hydralift + Liftosome (4 Sessions) $220
Approx 2hrs 30mins
Diamond Microdermabrasion (1 Sessions ) $100
Approx 45mins
Diamond Microdermabrasion Full Set (4 Sessions) $220
Approx 2hr
Scrubber + Collagen Treatment (4 Sessions) $220
(for dull, dehydrated, wrinkles, rough and dry skin types)
Approx 2hr
Oxygen + Vitamin A, C, E Full Set Treatment $230
(4 Sessions)
Helps to restructurethe skin’s texture, promoting cells renewal and refines skin complexion.
Bloods circulation is increased and skin is protected against harsh effects of pollution with
regular treatments.
Approx 2hr 30mins
Collagen Treatment  (3 Sessions) $180
The skin will lose it’s collagen with age. Therefore this treatment is to help replenish the loss
of collagen due to aging, anti free radicals and pollution.
Approx 2hr

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