Herkin MD can be categorsied in 3 levels. They are:
a.  MD Radio High Frequency
Acne Problem
Anti Wrinkle
Removing cellulite
Fat tissue dissolve & burn out
Face elasticity enhange
Skin regeneration
b. MD Combo
Keeping clean skin
Promoting skin regenerating 
Promoting blood & lymphatic fluids circulation
Improving body style
Local fat decrease
Anti – aging
c. MD Biosonic
Ultrasound revitalizes cells reproduction / composes collages. Promotes 
circulationof lymph / blood & makes body slim as it removes skin wastes with
a penetration effect.
Laser relief’s pain as well as improves blood circulation & generates endorphin
leading to an anti-inflammatory effects. It is also effective for skin care as it 
restricts the activation of malanin & composes collagens.
Face & Neck  (5 Sessions) $380
Face (4 Sessions) $280
Neck   (2 Sessions) $150
Full Body  (8 Sessions) $600
Abdomen (Tummy) Slim / Toning  (4 Sessions) $280
Lower Body Slim / Toning (4 Sessions) $280
Limb ( Hand ) Slim / Toning  (2 Sessions) $180

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